Construction works Lindenhofje

Het Lindenhofje lies in the heart of the Jordaan, a beautifull neighbourhood in Amsterdam. It was built in 1616 as a safe place for widowed women and is one of the oldest secret courtyards in the city.

The coming months there will be serious construction works. The owner of het Lindenhofje, the charitable foundation RCOAK, is creating 21 apartments for workers in the elderly care. Due to a severe housing shortage in Amsterdam, many healthcare workers move elsewhere and find employment near their new homes. This creates a burden on the elderly care system of our city. Since the mission of RCOAK is to provide good lives for the elderly, we take this responsibility seriously and dedicate the new apartments for this special group.

Typically, every renovation has 3 stages: demolition – re-building – finishing. Each week we will update the homepage with this weeks activities. In doing so, everyone can be informed about the latest developments. Please stay tuned and let us know in case you experience serious problems of have questions: